About Us

  1. What is NGI?

    Never Give In is a competitive gaming team developed by old high

    school friends. We were originally named Five Star [5*] but decided NGI

    was a better fit. We run practices, hold team meetings and are looking

    forward to competing in TWL league and The National ESL. Although we

    are not professional players we value dedication, hard work, and fair

    play! We have no tolerance for hackers and are always interested in

    seeing peoples real talent. We are a young clan always looking for new

    players to add to our roster!

  2. Who manages NGI & runs the website?

    Never Give In Team is managed by:

    VinneVicious Co-Founder

    Dulluzions Co-Founder

    DrejinnEX2 Co-Founder

    Never Give In's website is run by VinneVicious & Dulluzions.

  3. How can I join Never Give In?

    If you are interested in joining our team please register for our site here and fill out an application here!

    You can also send a message to VinneVicious or Dulluzions!

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  1. What is Never Give In's TeamSpeak 3 IP address?

    Our TeamSpeak 3 address is s3.teamngi.com port:9987

  2. Does NGI have any gaming servers?

    Yes we do, however we are currently using our server as a match server for competitive gaming.

    We will be hosting more servers in the near future!

  3. Does NGI have a steam group page?

    Yes we do, please visit our steam group page and subscribe!


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