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 Never Give In is a competitive team developed by old high school friends. Never Give In started as a team called [5*]. As we began to meet new players and expand our roster we decided to change our name. Never Give In was our choice and was officially created on November 14th 2009. We are gamers and friends from all across the country, from all across the world, that put aside our differences and personality clashes to come together on a common theme. We game!

 We are a very competitive team and we run practices, hold team meetings and are looking forward to competing in TWL (Team Warfare League), CEVO (CyberEvolution League) and the ESL (National Electronic Sports League). Although we are not professional players we value dedication, hard work and fair play! We have no tolerance for hackers and we are always interested in seeing peoples real talent. We are a young clan, always looking for new members to add to our roster.

 "Never give in--never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy."
- Winston Churchill Speech, 1941, Harrow School

                    NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENTS

                       NGI Team 23-0 Overall TWL League

Posted: May 5th 2011

Never Give In has set the bar for TWL ladders this season.

 With an overall record of 23-0 thus far, Team NGI is looking forward to their expansion within the next couple of weeks both by roster and our entry into CEVO.

Our overall match history can be seen from the link below.



             NGI Team currently 16-0 Overall TWL League

Posted: April 20th 2011

We are currently in First place for TWL TDM ladder, our overall performance has been

16 Wins  ♦ 0 Ties ♦ 0 Losses

We are actively recruiting at this time with some potential new members so this is a very exciting time for us as we expand our roster and our league play. I am looking forward to our continued success on our first season in the competitive scene!

                             Never Give In Takes First Place!

Posted: April 8th 2011

 It is official [NGI] has hit first place on the Team Warfare Team Death match ladder! Undefeated thus far, a great effort was put forth by all members who have helped us reach our goal of reaching first! A big thank you goes out to everyone, let's keep our pace up in our other ladders to prove we are no ordinary team!

                             NGI Youtube & Facebook pages!

Posted: March 31st 2011

NGI now has a Youtube and Facebook group pages for our community members. This is a very exciting time for us as we are growing quickly and expanding our reach into the gaming community. We are excited to start some community events such as tournaments, contests and giveaways.

 You can visit our Youtube channel here but please remember it is new so little content has been released yet.

YouTube Channel - Never Give In Gaming


We will update our site shortly with our Facebook group page.

                                 New TeamSpeak 3 for NGI!


Posted: March 23rd 2011  

Never Give In has a new Team Speak 3 Server! [NGI] ShotgunMan has been so kind as to get our sub-domain set up! Please feel free to join us on

We have also been challenged on all 3 TWL ladders 4v4 TDM (roster closed) 2v2 TDM (roster closed) 5v5 CTF (roster open) Please check your calendar and comment if you would like to play the CTF match.


                         Say hello, tell us what you think of the site, our team etc..











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